About me…

I am a 3rd generation Nikkei from California.  I’ve been living and working in Japan now for half of my life – just over 24 years – and counting.  I never thought I’d be here for so long, especially in the heart of Tokyo.

I’m an avid outdoor sportsman, so it is strange to be in a city this dense and gray.  I have two young sons, with whom I play soccer, ride bikes, run, swim, play hide-and-seek, hike, and horse around with.  I’m trying to get them to use English as much as they can, so that they won’t be stuck in the same only-Japanese stitch that most Japanese are stuck in.  Language, particularly spoken, is something that is learned naturally by virtually everyone – our brains are wired for it!

For me, learning is not only fun, it is at the core of the purpose of human life – to sustain and make the world a better, safer, kinder, and loving place for all.

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