The Henry Brothers retell a beautiful Japanese folk tale, in English, which is actually a rehash of a timeless story told in many places around the world. The slightly sad irony of the story is that true joy is found in the least expected places…

The Henry Brothers' Jim Jam Slam

Once there was a poor stonecutter.  Each day he went to the mountain and cut blocks of stone, and  then took them to the market to sell.

He was quite happy, until one day he looked through the gate of a rich man’s house. He saw the rich man sitting in the shade with servants bringing him food to eat.

‘Surely the rich man is greater than I am,’  sighed the poor stonecutter. ‘If only I were a rich man, then I would be truely happy.’

The sprit of the mountan heard the stonecuter and gave him what he wanted. At once the stonecutter found himself sittng in the garden of a nice house with servants bringing him food.

‘Now I will be truly happy,’ thought the stonecutter. But a few days later he looked out the window and saw the king’s palace. He saw many  servants hurrying to obey…

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