I’m more inclined to think that the power of social media is closer to the power of 3, but the points raised in this blog post are quite valid just the same… My 3 and Tristan’s 5 are really pointing at two different aspects of the same thing. However, I would use a smaller number because I think that it conveys a message that is closer to reality.

My reasons for choosing a smaller number are mostly because I think that human networks tend to overlap where they are close – where they are more powerful – and tend to be unique only as they disperse – where one’s influence weakens. Thus, the ability to exert anything but a weak influence via social media is rather random.

Still, I am firmly committed to living in love!!!

Daring to Live in Love!

What if Dec 21st, 2012 was the day that the Alternate Economy is finally able to form a bank?

Could we actually get to that point in less than 11 months?

Let us look at the power of 5.

There are currently a little over 600 followers to this blog.  Imagine if each and every one of you took it upon yourselves to tell all of your friends about this idea.  Imagine if all of you felt compelled to post my blog on your facebook page and invite your friends to come and check out this idea.  Imagine if all of you sent emails to your closest loved ones.  If you took my article on love and sent it to your favourite people.  I am quite positive that each one of you knows 5 people that would appreciate this movement.  That would enjoy my ideas.  That search for love as you…

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