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Bitter News: The Coffee Shop Where Everyone Pays for Everyone Else’s Drinks

People Are Awesome: The Coffee Shop Where Everyone Pays for Everyone Else's Drinks – News – GOOD.


It is often said that kindness is contagious. While this is an adage that is difficult to prove, it is one that I would expect that most people believe in their hearts. At least, one would hope that this were true.

Now, apparently, there is a community in Bluffton, South Carolina, where there is evidence that this adage is true. At the Corner Perk Cafe, for the past 2 years, people have been Paying it Forward, buying cups of coffee for future customers in (not so random) acts of kindness. Started initially by an anonymous regular customer, who paid $100 for her cup of coffee, as well as the drinks of any subsequent customer until the money ran out.

As could be anticipated, most people were blown away. They were shocked that anyone would pay for another stranger’s coffee. Then, the generosity spread spontaneously. People started to follow suit, paying for the coffees of others. Some people didn’t even order coffee, just leaving money to pay for other people’s drinks.

This is truly amazing, in a state in which the rich, fat, and mean Newt Gin-Grinch has just won the Republican state Primary over Mitt Romney. Newt’s frugal lifestyle includes million dollar homes, $500,000 revolving account at Tiffany’s,
millions of dollars of private jet travel, and a luxury cruise in Greece, for which his entire campaign staff resigned in June 2011. In addition, Gin-Grinch has been criticized for a $200,000 payment made by a charity he founded to Gingrich Communications, which he presides over.

This allocation of improper ethics echoes his past. In 1997, Newt was fined $300,000 and reprimanded for ethics violations as Speaker of the House, the 1st time in its 208 year history that the Speaker was disciplined. The charge then, as now, was improper use of a charitable organization for personal gain. Then, as now, he claimed that the impropriety was of no importance to the American people, maintaining that it is irrelevant to the public.

Not only featured by so-called moderate and liberal journalists, this story has been chronicled by The Walt Disney Company owned ABC News.

So, it is ironic that this small town filled with goodness and kindness is apparently immersed in an area in which greed and corruption are championed. I find it appalling that Gin-Grinch portrays himself as the underdog, fighting for the common man, when he has shown, throughout his career, that his greatest concern is for the betterment of his own selfish interests.

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