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Occupied Washington | Mother Jones

Occupy Wall Street poster

Occupied Washington | Mother Jones.

The article linked above, from Mother Jones, is one of the most cogent I’ve read about the Occupy Wall Street and related protests around the globe. The movement is important historically and politically, because it directly attacks the economic underpinnings of the the modern capitalist economy.

Although the movement is often portrayed as a disoriented, disconnected, fragmented, and undefined group that is, at best, misguided and futile, it is clear that the majority of people in the United States and in the world are not pleased about the obscene power and wealth hoarded by the 1%. Focusing their anger not towards the political theater in Washington, but directly at the filthy rich, the OWS movement has made economic fairness the central political, social, and intellectual issue of our time.

This is, ultimately, as it should be. How we create a world that is fair for everyone – enabling the vast majority to lead challenging and rewarding lives – is the most important human endeavor. The kids in tents have made a huge impact already; they will, in fact, inherit the earth. Hopefully, the Earth they inherit will be one that is beautiful, bountiful, and kind.

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