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13 Tech Tools for a Paper-Free Life

13 Tech Tools for a Paper-Free Life.

I’m trying get as paper-free as possible.  This is very difficult to do living in a paper-happy nation like Japan.  Despite the high emphasis on digital life, everything here is well-wrapped and printed.  For tech events, we get invitations sent by email that are to be printed out and handed in at the registration desk.  I’ve tried to do this by presenting mine on my iPad, but have had the helpful staffperson ask me if I could print it out.

It is sometimes disconcerting to expect a 3G signal everywhere in Tokyo only to find that the particular place you are trying to get to has a bad signal and the map you are trying to access won’t come up.  So once in awhile, I backtrack, going out of the building to get a signal, a map, and find my way to the place I’m trying to get to.  But little sacrifice in convenience saves a sheet of paper from being used.

I realize that we are far from getting to paper-free; in fact, we’re using more than ever.  But not only trying to conserve by printing 2 pages to a sheet and double-sided, not printing and reducing the need for the paper itself is, I think, a good thing.

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