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My best days are ahead of me…

I had the great pleasure of celebrating my 49th birthday yesterday! I celebrated it with a 15k run in the afternoon, then another 15k cycle ride with my elder son Stevie in the evening. I am quite convinced that the best way of celebrating growing older is with great health! I feel great!

Actually, I started the celebration Friday evening, going to a Boy Scout camp with the family. It was a rainy evening, but we arrived to a damp camp in Ikego after a 2+ hour train ride. After heavy rains all through the night, we had a fantastic breakfast, then a day filled with camp activities – archery, rock climbing, pumpkin carving, campfire, fright hike, hot dogs, peach cobbler, and lots of running around with a hundred or so kids.

After a 2+ hour ride home after the campfire, on Sunday, the boys and I rode around 25k to a park, played soccer, and had a very active day of fun.

Then, yesterday, on the day itself, I ran and rode to celebrate the next year ahead, which will be the last of my 1st half Century. I’m planning to make the 2nd one even BIGGER!

A friend sent my a card online, in which was included this great musical birthday wish:

I am quite certain, too, that my best days are ahead of me!

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