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Emotional Bag Check

I came across an extremely interesting site today… The site calls itself an “Emotional Bag Check“.

The site works rather simply. You choose either to “check in” an emotional bag, or to “carry it” for someone else.

If you choose to “check in” a bag, then you are prompted to write about whatever is bringing you down. On the other hand, if you choose to “carry it”, then you are asked to send a song to someone that has checked in their emotional baggage. You can choose to add a personal message, or just to send the song.

Today, I read a brief message by a university student, who has the blues over upcoming exams, the lack of down time, and the seemingly joyous times that others seem to be having. The student is also apparently quite concerned about ecology and environmental issues. I sent the individual a brief personal message, as well as the ecology-themed children’s song by Jack Johnson, “The 3 R’s” from the album for the movie, Curious George. I hope it gave the person a smile, and some hope that perseverance will lead to something good.

Although I have no idea if the Emotional Bag Check will prevail, it is a wonderful idea and a great service. Music and art are important sources of hope, motivation, confidence, comfort, joy, and love. Sharing a good song can give a person the courage to keep moving forward.

So check it out! Check in a bag, or carry it for someone. Either way, it will be sure to give you a smile. One smile at a time… I like that.

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