Studio Schools

Introduction to Studio Schools (UK)

The Problem:
Large numbers of bored teenagers
No interest in school
No jobs, No hope
No line of sight between what they do in school and their future in work

Annoyed employers seeing young people unprepared for the world of business and employability
Both in their attitudes and experience

To find an answer:
They decided to think about what kind of schools would have kids fighting to get in and not fighting to stay out…

Their Answer:
Studio Schools
Renaissance Era Studio – work and learning are integrated
Work by Learning and Learn by Working.

Their Formula:
Small schools – 3-400 pupils
14-19 year olds
80% of study through practical work, in projects in real-life situations
personal coaches, in addition to teachers
timetables, much as in real work environments
public school system and funded, but independently run
no extra cost to students
no selection process
achieving academic qualifications and route to universities

Underlying Concepts:
Learn best by Doing things
Learn best in Teams
Learn best by doing things For Real

The whole concept of Studio Schools turns traditional schooling upside down. Not only did the young people like their experience, but within two years, the students with the poorest performance jumped to the top tier of all students in all of Great Britain.

I have no doubt that this type of school would work anywhere in the world. It can work in a wide range of age groups, with some tweaks to the quantity and quality of teaching, coaching, mentoring, and support, are provided to the learners.

Studio Schools are one of many experiential learning programs that have been supported by The Young Foundation, one of the most interesting organizations bringing together the interests of youth, education, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility. It is not only worth checking out, but I believe that many of its programs should be adapted and incorporated in Japan and throughout the world.

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