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Symbionomics: Contributing to a New Future…

I’ve been really thinking a lot about how money works over the past few weeks.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  It seems that there are a lot of troubles with the flow of money over the past few months.  It is something that has been going on for quite some time, but in Japan, the connected calamities starting with the 9.1 magnitude quake of 3.11.2011 and subsequent 30-meter tsunami waves that crushed communities along a 1000 km coastline have resulted in a complex stagnation of the flow of money, people, and ideas.

While simultaneously trying to revive flows of capital, I have been thinking, of course, about the real problems in our interlinked monetary system.  There is something intrinsicly wrong with a system that encourages some people to hoard while severely limiting the flow to others, in far greater numbers.  It is not different from allowing people who happen to live in the mountains to dam the rivers, providing themselves with a surplus of water and stored energy, while the far greater numbers of people in the valleys below become poor, unhealthy, and dependent on the whims and charity of the mountain dwellers.

There is much to do to restore fairness as the guiding principle for governance and capital distribution of the entire planet.  We are all to blame for systems that reward the few at the expense of most.  We are not bullys or victims, but are losing the battle for a healthy and safe planet for human existence.  We don’t have long to dilly and dather.  Let’s share the good ideas, consider them, and implement the ones that have a strong chance of providing for a better future.

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