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A New Company Brings Produce From the Roof to the Supermarket Aisle in Manhattan


BrightFarms is a New York-based company that is building hydroponic greenhouse farms to the rooftops of supermarkets, schools, and other urban facilities.

Although this is one step removed from growing your own veggies in the garden, it is a good step in the right direction. Many people living in urban locations don’t have the space, time, sunlight, or initiative to invest in a substantial garden of their own, at least one that will supply a steady supply of fresh veggies and fruits. Though there are ample benefits for creating garden spaces in and around the home even if the food produced is minimal, the impetus to get that started is a substantial hurdle.

On the other hand, a rooftop garden on a supermarket should be an easy and reasonable investment. In addition to making it much easier for the average consumer to become a localvore, the benefit of creating green-spaces on supermarket rooftops and the corresponding reduction of the heat island effect should make a difference in energy consumption in many places. Supermarkets, which tend to be vast and mostly flat spaces, could well be one of the best possible common places for urban farms.

The idea is commendable. I hope the good idea expands exponentially.

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