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Possible Breakthrough on Wind Turbines


The Wind Lens may dramatically reduce the cost of wind turbines, while simultaneously increasing their capacity. The increase in efficiency could make the potential for power output far greater than previously imaginable.

On the other hand, I’m not that fond of any long-term search for the Holy Grail of energy resources, even if they are renewable ones. Rather, I think that power consumption itself should be dramatically reduced. I’m not looking forward to visiting wind power farms in an electric vehicle, though this is considerably more appealing than visiting a hydroelectric plant in a gasoline powered car. The thought of our oceans and valley landscapes being dominated by huge wind turbines is, to me, just not very attractive.

Just how much power do we really need? If we weren’t moving around most of our food, clothing, and other goods over long distances, hauling water, oil, and mineral resources to pump up our steroid ridden economies, and advertising to every obsession and whim to make luxuries seem like needs, then the addition to power would be reduced considerably. And most people would benefit with better health and quality of life.

I’m trying to slow down in every aspect of life. Slow food. Slow transit. Slow sports. Slow and deliberate thinking. And power down. Power off once in awhile. Enjoy the blue Planet. And miles and miles of Miles Davis – blue notes…

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