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How else do unemployed people get jobs?

In the classic Charlie Chaplin film, Modern Times, the tramp, played by Chaplin struggles with coping in industrial society.  In its most famous scene, the tramp is caught in the cogs of a giant factory wheel mechanism, rolling around and trying to avoid getting crushed by the factory wheels.


No doubt, to the unemployed of our world today, the industrial society portrayed in Modern Times is no less difficult to cope with.  However, instead of getting physically crushed in the cogs of industry, it is being shoved aside, discarded, unemployed, and having our hopes and dreams crushed that is the plight of post-Modern Times.

Many say that it is up to the individual to overcome, that it is never society that is to blame for despair, but that each individual has the responsibility and ability to overcome and prosper.  In one sense, this is most true; any single individual can make a difference, no matter the odds against her.  But there is no doubt that the structure and function of contemporary societies predestines that a significant number of people do not have any realistic opportunity for jobs, success, or hope.

This reality becomes painfully obvious when an unemployed person seeks work through the most widespread job search companies on the Internet, including Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com.  In many of their job postings, the applicants must meet qualifications that state:

Must be currently employed

For an unemployed person, this requirement obviously shuts the door for any potential opportunity.  Every job board should be required to insist to every potential employer that the availability of work opportunities should be for any qualified and motivated person, particularly the currently unemployed.  Work should not be a resource that is traded between people who are already working, as a means of gaining small and incremental advantages that further the gap between haves and have nots.  Every effort to limit opportunities to those who do not have jobs and earned income should be discouraged first and absolved next.

Although there are likely to be many efforts globally to push job boards and employers from their overt actions to exclude unemployed persons from access to work opportunities, I am aware of one such effort in the United States, by TrueMajority.org.  A link is provided below to their petition to “Stop Discrimination Against Unemployed Workers”.  I find their action to be just.  Without access to opportunity, hope is a desperate and fleeting mirage.


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