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NYOYN the Encounter

NYOYN… What does he mean? Well, the Dutch company says it is
pronounced, “Enjoy’ng”.

I was walking by the booth last week. I saw the colorful pads on the
floor and some people milling about near the pads talking. There were
even more colorful posters on the walls, of children playing in a
classroom. The kids looked like they were having fun.


I could imagine that the company was showing their educational
products for children. I could not yet imagine how it worked, but I
was intrigued. I stepped closer.

Then, despite the noise coming from the 200 other booths echoing
throughout the hall, I could hear sounds emanating from the box on the

One of the people in the group, who seemed to be leading them in the
discussion, stepped on one of the pads. It was red. The voice
indicated that the answer given was correct – a siren.

Next, I heard a tweeting sound coming from the speaker. Before anyone
else could react, I stepped on the yellow pad in front of me. Then,
as I expected, the voice indicated that the answer I gave was correct.

Suddenly, the big guy who was explaining to the group turned around.
He looked at me quizzically. In a moment, he communicated a multitude
of thoughts.

“Hey, that guy got it right. He knows English. He looks Japanese…. Where
did he learn English? Was he there for awhile (behind us, listening

In that instant, I knew, that this system was capable of a lot more
than was obvious. I could see that it used “software.” Hence, a
variety of applications could be used for a variety of learning games.
I could see that the experience was tactile and experiential. It
also enhanced some kinds of interpersonal communication. In short, it
was an extensible learning interface.


After that initial encounter, I discovered many more things about the
products and the company. I found an old friend from JETRO helping
them with market entry. I found the meaning of their strange name.
But most importantly, I found that I enjoyed the encounter. That
profound moment of joy was one that will last awhile. I plan to be
NYOYN it for a long time!

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