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Social Media as a Filter

I just have a quick observation of social media as a powerful filter.  This can be a double-edged sword, but I'm only going to write now about the good side of the process.

I had a friend alert me a few minutes ago about a photo I was tagged in on my Facebook profile.  The photo was a bit revealing and the person posting potentially a scam. I think of Facebook not unlike a networking event at a restaurant or bar.  If a friend introduces me to someone, I shake hands and we usually exchange business cards.  I often have no idea how well my friend knows the person. They may have just met a few moments ago.

In many networking meetings, I even exchange cards with people who I haven't even been introduced to.  We're absolute strangers.  That person gets a load of contact information, which is unfiltered.

On Facebook, I'll accept pretty much every invitation to connect.  I'll usually check if we have any common connections, sometimes even check the person's profile page.  But frequently, I'll just accept. After all, it's a bar.

But what is so cool, is that if the person is a hoax, or if a chat or inadvertent click, or anything leads to posts on my profile that appear out of the ordinary and not like me, then people notice.  They immediately recognize that it is not likely to be an intentional activity.  They get in touch, post, email, and alert me to the strangeness.

I've had this happen before, and it is likely to happen again.  But I believe that this is one of the really powerful and beneficial aspects of social media.  It has a self-correcting mechanism that is very difficult to create in real life.  Real life is much slower.  There is a whole lotta good in that!  But the speed of social media and crowds, is that the anomalies stick out.  The bad ones can be deleted – or, at least, mitigated – quickly and without undue damage.  I like that.

It is a lot more difficult to take back that business card.  Or de-list that phone number.  …and I'm definitely not making a switch to un-social media!

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