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Corporate Aid Tracker – Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, March 2011 | BCLC

What follows below is a great list of corporate contributors to the relief effort. It is still but a drop in a bucketful of needs, but this is encouraging nonetheless.

Of course, it should be noted that these are mostly pledges, not direct contributions made to date. This is an important distinction. One year after the Haiti Earthquake of February 2010, less than half of the aid pledged by countries, including the United States, had not been delivered. Likewise, after the BP Gulf Oil Spill, less than one quarter of the pledged funds to people adversely affected by the spill had been paid by BP 9 months later.

So it is important that we are vigilant about the real contributions made by the companies that pledge their support. While I do not intend to question their sincerity or lack of real concern for victims of the calamity, true assistance is made through the delivery of funds, not the promises of support.

To date, global business assistance for this crisis has exceeded $298.3 million.

Comparison of business aid to previous disasters

BCLC’s manager of the Disaster Help Desk for Business, Ines Pearce, says:

“Companies of all sizes have pledged assistance to this crisis — every contribution makes a difference. Our job at the Help Desk is to make sure effective contributions are connected to experienced organizations with ‘boots on the ground.’ Any business that wants more information about how to help should contact the Disaster Help Desk by email or phone: 888-692-4943 / 888 MY BIZ HELP.”

For questions, contact Gerald McSwiggan. For media inquiries, contact Kitty Taylor.

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