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4 Panorama Images of the Ishinomaki port area – May 2, 2011

I think that the damage doesn’t look so significant in these images, but if you look closely, you can see the extent to the devastation afar.  To the naked eye, the destruction is a lot more obvious.

I stitched 11 photos together into these 4 panorama images.

I imagine the port area looked a lot worse during the first week or two after 3-11.  The color of the bay was still brown and murky on this day, but it doesn’t look so bad in the images.  Again, photos can be quite deceiving, particularly with standard digital cameras.  These are taken with a 10 Megapixel Pentax.

The port area itself has been largely cleared away, so that cars can move about.  The road these images are taken from is a main road.  There are many smaller roads branching out on either side, which go into commercial and residential areas that are adjacent to the marinas.  Many of the buildings off of this main road are destroyed.  The areas in which we did work during our visit were all within 10 miinutes of this point.

Apparently, the tsunami in this area was mostly between 3-5 meters.  Many of the homes had water damage up to around 20-30 centemeters on the 2nd floor.  There were many places, though, there the structural damage extended higher, however.  Some of the most distressing sights were buildings where the entire first floor were gutted, but the 2nd floor and higher seemed untouched.


I wish I was able to take more photos during our visit.  But it really was difficult to take photos while particpating in relief work.  It doesn’t help to be dirty and wet.  The muck seeps into your rain gear, in your face, and into your skin.

But photos are just so insufficient.  There is no substitute for being there.  I am planning the next visit and how to provide help in the recovery.


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