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Why Sitting is Killing Us

I know this is true.  I do as much as I can to avoid work that forces me to sit.  But it is so difficult!  Most “business” demands that “real” work is done sitting down.  Usually in front of a monitor.  At a desk.

I can’t really imagine why this must be so.  Why is it the document and not the ideas contained that is the “product” that justifies payment?  When and how did this happen?  Why did this happen?  is it too late to change the way we charge for our work?

Life – or should I say death – shouldn’t have to be this way.  We should be paid for the work we do that enhances life, sustainable wellness, and quality of life.  The pay doesn’t even have to be in currencies.  As long as we are rewarded with quality of life, in goodwill, and in a wealth of praise and consideration from others for our efforts, then I would be happy to trade money for this kind of happiness and wealth.  I’d be a RICH man!

I’d love to be “paid” for the physical work I do in the service of others, as well as for the good ideas that give people the will and sense of joy, motivation, and dedicated effort.  I could certainly do much of this standing up, moving around, walking about, and running a lot.  I love computers and telecommunications, but I could do without the monitor and especially, the keyboard.

I have high hopes for a future in which I could work more effectively and healthily.  Anyone want to join me for a stroll into a brighter future?

Sitting is Killing You<br />Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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