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Thomas Power interview on YouTube

I am not a big fan of Ecademy as a social network.  Although I've had an account there for a very long time, it is just one of those networks that never really made much sense for me.  Having said that, I do like one aspect of Ecademy's profile sharing, its "50 Words You Like" component.  I think this field enables people to say in random but not-so-random words what really makes them unique and interesting.

Thomas Power, of course, is famous for building Ecademy, making it one of the more successful social networks from the standpoint of generating capital through Power User fees and providing business opportunities through interactions between institutions and his social network.  So when Thomas Power speaks about the powerful shift from closed, selective, and controlling institutions to open, random, and supportive networks in this Century and the tremendous difficulty for people and organizations to make the shift, it is a very powerful and convincing argument.  For Power, it is a shift that took 10 years.  For many, it will not take place and their institutions will whither and die.  For some, it will be, as Power describes, one part of a 30 year struggle.  For a few, the shift will come readily and easily, and the Network will give them power, convenience, and wealth.

Companies, organizations, universities, the church, and nations and states should really consider this analysis carefully – awareness, understanding, and commitment may be critical to survival…

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