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Bring On the Learning Revolution!

I've long said that we need to start rethinking and rebuilding our educational systems around creativity and learning, rather than the rote, 19th Century Talking Head model that still dominates schools in the United States, Japan, and most of the world.  I started my first alternative learning program in California in 1984, where we made an organic garden and built a solar greenhouse to teach high school science.

Now, more than 25 years since that experiment, I am still planning and implementing alternative learning programs with schools and companies.  They are still usually small-scale experiments, providing a small group of participants with a more healthy and fruitful learning experience, together with the bitter aftertaste that comes from knowing that most of their education will not be done in any similar manner.  But the most important learning experiences today are not the linear, structured, homogeneous experiences that most schools are expected to provide.

Sir Ken Robinson argues that our educational insitutions are based upon similar principles that gave rise to fast food.  He furthers this metaphor and argues that we need to shift from this mechanical industrial model to an agricultural model.


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