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Art Miles Mural Project & Japan Art Mile


Imagine for a moment a giant pyramid, formed by the art of a half
million people, floating down the Nile River in the Giza Plateau. The
huge pyramid is nearly the size of the giant pyramids from the ages of
ancient Pharaohs. Colorful, playful, wonderful in splendor and scale,
the pyramid is both a celebration of life and the awesome power of
human endeavor.

This image is soon to be a reality.

The Art Miles Mural Project is
a huge international effort to build a full sized pyramid in Giza,
Egypt, to commemorate the International Day of Peace. The project was
started in 1997 by Joanne Tawfilis and her husband, Fouad, to promote
global peace and harmony through art. Last week, the more than 4,000
12 X 5 feet murals, drawn throughout the world by more than 500,000
children and adults in over 100 countries over the past 13 years, were
brought to Egypt to be assembled into a giant “Muramid,” that will
neighbor its timeless stone brethren. The groundbreaking for
construction has begun and the Muramid will be fully constructed by
the end of the year.

Japan Art Mile was started by my
friend, Atsuko Shiwaku, around 5 years ago. JAM has assisted in the
production of more than 100 murals over these several years. During
the New Years holiday this year, I took my family to work on a mural
that was being produced by the Ebisu bar “.cam” and Hiroto Kitagawa, the bar’s
owner/producer. An image of the mural drawn by the Kato Family – Ted
(5), Steve (9), Toshiko (?), and Mike (me) – and many other Bar .cam
visitors is below. Our family drew the fire-breathing dragon at the
right-hand side of the mural.

Links to more information:

An article on the Art Miles Mural Project and the Muramid from
Al-Ahram Weekly Online
Narnia Online

A blog post by Hiroto Kitagawa

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