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I received in the (snail) mail today Issue #679 9-2010 of the Japanese Boy Scout magazine, Scouting.  This issue is a mostly photographic commemoration of the 15th Nihon Jamboree, held in Asagiri Plateau of Shizuoka Prefecture on August 1-9, 2010.  It brought back many memories of the Jamboree.  I’ve posted a few of my photos on my online album in PicasaWeb.


I was at the 15NJ for the duration, as a special employee of NTT Communications, to manage the ICT network infrastructure.  The network of PCs, mobile phones, printers, and digital signage was implemented to reduce infrastructure costs and to replace the fax and POTS lines that have been installed temporarily at previous jamborees.  By doing so, we were able to save at least 20M JPY from the original estimate.

Our work there, however, was very insufficient.  We had originally planned an array of services, designed to provide educational and long-term organizational benefits for both Scouts and adult leaders.  Still, it was a BIG first step.  We have to do a whole lot more and better by 2015, when Japan will host the World Jamboree at Kirarahama in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The official Website of the 15NJ by the Scouting Association of Japan is linked below.  Should be a whole lot better….


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