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Samba in Japan

The Brazil Festival was held in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo over the weekend of September 4-5.  It was extremely hot, humid, and crowded to the max – perfect for a samba party!

The food was fantastic, although not all of it was authentic Brazilian cuisine.  I loved a chorizo burrito that was made by a Peruvian.  The feijoada we ate was awesome, though, and the acai juice very refreshing!  The Turkish ice cream that stretches extremely long and doesn't fall when turned over was very impressive AND tasty!

The music and the dancing was, of course, very HOT and cool, too!  The kids were especially captivated by the capoeira.  Capoeira, a mix of martial arts and dancing, is a wonderful sport!  I saw it being played on the streets in Brazil nearly 20 years ago.  The staged capoeira acts are much less interesting than on the streets.  I believe that capoeira shares its soul with street break dancing or even drum playing.  Teddy has been trying to get us to put him in Kendo or Karate school, but now he wants to start capoeira instead.  He and I have been goofing off at home mimicking what we saw on Sunday.  I am not as flexible as the people we saw in Yoyogi Park, though – not by a longshot! 

All in all, it was an awesome day for the family and very good educationally. 

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