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Wonderful Weekend Sept. 4-5

It was a wonderful weekend for the family…

We started the weekend at Toshimaen.  Most of the time was at the Toshimaen Pool.  It was the last weekend of the summer-only pool.  We spent most of the time on the water sliders – hence, no photos.

After we left the pool, we got in a few rides at the amusement park before it closed at 6:00 PM.  Stevie got on the Cyclone roller coaster.  Teddy rode the Merry-go-Round, which is more than a century old!

We spent the evening at Rob Pereyda's Labor Day party in Minami-senju.  The food was fantastic, the view from the 37th floor deck amazing, and the company wonderful.  The kids became Melon Monsters as the adults were cleaning up!

On Sunday, the boys were both Scouting in the morning.  We cleaned the Nishi-Ogikubo neighborhood.  In 2 hours, the 20+ Cub and Beaver Scouts collected around 100 PET bottles, nearly 100 other aluminum and steel cans, 15 glass bottles, and nearly 10 kg of other trash.  All of this was picked up around mostly residential areas, and the children concentrated on picking up recyclable items, rather than trash in general.

The area has become noticeably cleaner in recent years, which is quite amazing considering the amount of trash that is still thrown out by (mostly) irresponsible adults.  The number of alcohol and tobacco waste, as well as that thrown out in parking lots makes it possibly to assume that the primary perpetrators are adults and not children.

Finally, we spent the afternoon in Yoyogi Park, where the Brazilian Day events took place over the weekend.  Awesome food, great music, wonderfully hot weather, and spectacular shows!  The kids were fascinated by the Capoeira – Brazilian marshal arts dancing.

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